Websiode 62 teases how awesome it would be if they did a Beatles cover.  I know they did it before, but I'd rather hear a song like "You Can't Do That" .... mmmmm mmmm love me some Beatles.  Whaddayaguysthinkk

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Love, love, love. 

I especially appreciate the vocal harmonies and guitar playing in the songs of the Beatles. It's one of the many aspects of Weezers' music that I enjoy also. As to which songs I'd most like to hear? Hmmm. I'll have to get back to you on that one.

I think someone just got a AHDN song book...

I liked Brian's tie.  reminded me of the monkees

I would like for =w= to do "Wait"

I don't know whyyyyy... but I'm feeling while my guitar gently weeps

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