New TSG! Might have to let the Soundcloud load to hear tunes.

Teaser at the site.

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1. pat gave a preview of the new album on his website. he is under no obligation to make songs available to any of us.

2. karl's updates regularly include mentions of side projects and other weezer-family news (see the most recent update for something about scott's wife.) karl hasn't updated since the new special goodness album was announced, which is why it hasn't been mentioned yet. i'm confident that the next time karl has weezer news to tell us, he will also mention pat's new album.

3. it's dead around here because weezer isn't doing anything. they aren't hiding things from us, they just aren't doing anything as a band right now. when they start doing things again, karl will tell us about it.

4. i don't entirely disagree with you about weezer's problematic efforts at promotion in recent years, so stop ignoring me.

You follow him on Twitter. You did get the links he posted.

Don't act like is former East Germany.

Lewis Digges said:

And I do think that Pat should share his songs with us on here, I kind of feel that it's kind of selfish of him not to let the fans hear his music on these boards.


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