New TSG! Might have to let the Soundcloud load to hear tunes.

Teaser at the site.

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Finally! the website ahs said the same thing for over a year until now :P I can't wait for it.

the bass is amazing on their new song!.

Score 1969

High Score 2012

I get it.

Interesting new sound here. I like it.

"los angeles" was a cover of a frank black song.

how was that cruise Lewis?

Lewis Digges said:

we got a preview of it on the cruise.


this leaked.

on the internet on april 27.

it's been up on spotify since then as well.

dunno why you think karl would post anything about this album leaking.

dunno why you think pat would let everyone know that they could now illegally download his album.

the lack of updates has nothing to do with the label change, and everything to do with the fact that weezer just isn't doing very much these days. karl has nothing to tell us. when weezer starts doing something, karl will update more frequently.

That's a pretty big assumption that Pat "leaked" the album. It was pulled from iTunes immediately.

Dave Grohl himself does not come on to the Foo Fighters forum and share news with the fans. That's up to someone else. Also, Lewis, as far as I can tell the album was NOT supposed to be out on Spotify right now and he only posted a teaser on The Special Goodness's website. I can also tell you that when a band's album leaks, they never go onto the forum and say "Hey yeah the new album is out. Go download it, everybody!!!"

Pat has very rarely posted on this site. Maybe he will on May 12th when the album is officially released.

Are you seriously angry because Pat didn't post a link to the leak here?

weezer and epitaph have nothing to do with pat's new special goodness album, for starters. if i recall correctly, pat is self-releasing this album, so yes, there's not a whole lot of information on the internet about it. blame pat for that, not karl.

actually don't even blame pat, because i suspect he's probably pretty busy with finalizing the release of this new album, and what with being a father and husband and all, he probably doesn't have a lot of time for things like posting on this message board. some people just aren't that into message boards. he doesn't have the backing of a label to promote him, and he's not looking to sell thousands of copies in the first week, so his situation is considerably different from a weezer or foo fighters album release. at the same time, he's also not looking to give away copies of his album for free to the audience that would be most likely to purchase it.


as for this news about the leak or the spotify stream coming "too late," that's just dumb. there are still 2 weeks to go before the album is released, so you still have plenty of time to listen to the album before you can buy it, if that's what you want to do. 

Well, the facts are that

a) weezer is doing nothing right now. So no need for a Karl update. Get used to it. Who knows when a new album will be released.

b) Pat DID tweed about the new album and updated the website with the teaser. The album is coming and you knew it early enough.

So what's your point? Why do you want more?

Lewis Digges said:

Actually, it's the lack of promotion and enthusiasm about anything Weezer which makes me angry. No one seems to want to do anything about this which makes me think that either that they don't care or just don't give a damn where their careers takes them. Ignoring the facts don't help much either.

Marcel [Donny] said:

Are you seriously angry because Pat didn't post a link to the leak here?

lewis always wants more.

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