You can always count on Weezer's tunes to bring the rock while simultaneously hitting a melodic pop sweet spot.

It's a quality that's been consistent from the early albums of the '90s (Weezer, Pinkerton) through the band's eighth studio release, 2010's Hurley.

In the coming months, frontman Rivers Cuomo will shed some light on his creative process when he releases the scrapbook-style memoir The Pinkerton Diaries. Enclosed in the book will be Alone III, Cuomo's third CD of demos and home recordings. The book and album should give fans insight into the making of Weezer's 1996 album, which has gradually risen to cult-favorite status after its initial critical and commercial disappointment.

Before the Pinkerton retrospective sees the light of day, Weezer will embark on a mini-tour that includes a headlining slot at Saturday's Edgefest. Last week we had an early morning phone chat with Cuomo, 40, grilling him about the book/CD and the possibility of new Weezer music.

Q: So you've got this tour coming up with all different types of gigs – crawfish boils, county fairs, chili cook-offs, festivals. Was this diversity of events by design? Are you just hungry?

Cuomo: [Laughs.] I don't know, we just come to rock and do a hard-rock show. I don't know what kinds of events our promoters are putting around it. It says more about the particular market and what those fans want to do.

Q: Ah, I didn't know if you just wanted to keep the tour fresh, but you pretty much answered that question.

Cuomo: Yeah, I don't know what we're doing. To me, it's all just rock.

Q: In D-FW, you'll be headlining Edgefest, a daylong show with different bands. Do you have any advice for the lesser-known bands competing for the crowds?

Cuomo: It's always 10 times more newsworthy to play a cover song, for some reason. Like last year, we were doing a mashup of MGMT and Lady Gaga. That got a lot of coverage. The other thing I'd say is, for all the emphasis on being viral and getting attention very quickly, nothing really compares to just being good, and writing good songs, and playing with passion and sticking to it over the years. That's the way to build a real fan base.

Q: So, what can you reveal about what you guys will be playing at the upcoming shows?

Cuomo: We won't be playing any new songs, but hopefully, we'll be playing some old songs we haven't played before. Some rarities. We're actually working on a new cover now that's challenging and requiring a lot of rehearsal.

Q: Tell us what it is?

Cuomo: Nope!

Q: OK, sorry, had to ask.

Cuomo: Can you hold on just a second?

Q: Sure. [A minute of silence goes by.]

Cuomo: Sorry about that.

Q: That's all right. What happened?

Cuomo: I had to brush my teeth.

Q: Ah, good. Very important, hygiene. ... You also have the 'Pinkerton' book and demos coming out.

Cuomo: Yep, Alone III will be in the back of The Pinkerton Diaries. It'll be the only way you can get it. ... There's no exact release date just yet, though.

Q: How'd you put this book together? Did you compile all the old materials yourself or did you have people helping you go through it?

Cuomo: Well, I'm a real packrat. I never throw anything away, so I have so many things from the old days. I had people helping me scan everything, and I also called up old friends to ask if they had letters I wrote or old pictures. In fact, I even went on Twitter and asked the fans if anyone had stuff from '94 or '95, and we got some material that way.

Q: When you finished it, did all that stuff reveal a version of yourself that surprised you in any way?

Cuomo: Not really, because from time to time I always go back and read that old stuff. I'm always in touch with the former versions of myself. One thing I noticed was that I swore a lot more in my journals than I do now. [Laughs.]

Q: Understandable. What about a new Weezer album?

Cuomo: Actually, we're kind of in a waiting phase, which happens to artists from time to time. We don't want to rush anything and we're just waiting to see what arises. We have ideas, but we're just not sure what we want to do next. And that may be on the level of not being sure if we're gonna make a full-length CD anymore. There's all different ways to release music, and we're doing lots of soul searching.





Everything is great up till the last part. Now I can totally see why they'd want to release singles or eps. Albums aren't selling anymore. However, it's just so sad. There is nothing like getting a case with your cd and popping it in your cd player in the car.

Not all albums fail horribly. You have plenty of critically acclaimed artists that are selling. If rivers is serious about going back to rock on newer albums, writes something truly ambitious, markets it in a unique way, and gives it TIME. Releasing albums year after year will hurt sales not increase them. Get on magazine covers and promote the songs. They would probably sell well if all that was going on.


Now imagine a rock opera, a themed album. Something ambitious, rumors are always going around but lets really think about this. Why not make a package for the album...charge a bigger price, and make people WANT to buy the album. A themed album that comes with a poster of the cover art, or a mini story of what the albums about... Anything. Give fans a reason to want to own it. Of course it all comes down to if the music is good or not but rivers seems to be trying hard to please nowadays.


I don't mind getting a single song every now and then but...I hope that they don't give up on albums for good. That would truly be a sad day in weezer land.


Foo fighters recently put out their new album that was recorded to tape. It sold 230,000 right off the bat. Albums can still sell.


end rant



Besides that, I loved the tour talk and can't wait for Alone 3.


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no physical album is LAME
brushing your teeth in the middle of an interview is BADASS

I do agree on the brushing teeth in middle of an interview is badass. lol


Like I said though, if they work on an amazing album...while releasing singles to pass time..That'd be awesome but don't abandon albums altogether. Just do something amazing with albums.

oh look it's dan talking about a rock opera again.
Stop tweeting so much Rivers. You've been learning a Radiohead song that isn't Creep for the last week.

Sighs lol


Sftbh many good songs.

Longtime sunshine's  end with all the songs on top of each other...was fantastic.

I wonder what the cover song is that they are working on... Can't wait!
That is awesome news about the setlist.

You be jk'in yeah?

It's Paranoid Android...

PUPPIES! said:

I wonder what the cover song is that they are working on... Can't wait!

How hard is it to just record SFTBH?

All the songs are already written and they're all great!!

It'd be extremely successful with some promotion (who wouldn't buy a high-quality Space Rock Opera?)


Whilst they're 'soul searching', this is what they should be doing.

Well, for one, today's demographic.

Humpty Dumpty said:

How hard is it to just record SFTBH?

All the songs are already written and they're all great!!

It'd be extremely successful with some promotion (who wouldn't buy a high-quality Space Rock Opera?)


Whilst they're 'soul searching', this is what they should be doing.

Yeah I mean some of the lyrics in SFTBH were a bit TOOOO goofy. So some re-writes could make it a lot better. However the main songs are fantastic. You wont get with me, Blast off, superfriend...etc

Like I said earlier, packing the album with a mini story and some artwork would be a plus and I'd certainly pay extra for it.

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