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is it as bad as the last new pixies song?

jesus i just realized that last song came out like ten years ago.

What are some good bands that need to be listened to kbiebs? I mean, if you don't like Weezer or The Pixies... No conflict intended here

never said i didn't like them. i just don't care for the two songs they've put out since their reunion. 

also i think their reunion needed to end years ago.

and it's not The Pixies, you fake.

I still say The Bad Brains and The Arcade Fire sometimes, no crime in that. Why should've it ended years ago? What are some good bands?
This song is very good by the way

yeah i guess i shouldn't be surprised that you don't mind looking/sounding like an idiot.

Dave Grohl says The Bad Brains, I'm not ashamed. The booklet to my copy of Funeral says "The Arcade Fire". Tons of people say "The Pixies" including their official documentary, so I'm sure you're just trying start another conflict. Anyway, what are some cool bands. I'm bored and you're a pro.

there's a difference between "the" and "The."

I know, you still haven't answered my question.

if you know, then you should be typing "the Pixies" or "the Bad Brains" instead of the stupid way you've been doing it.

This is true.

Indierocks said:

 you're a pro.
Dude, I know english. I just happen to go by what my records say ("The" is used more often than not). Plus, isn't the first word of a name or title always capitalized? Anyway, I could bring up your "flaws" in capitalization, or you could lend me a hand by recommending some great tunes. That is your job as a critic, right?

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