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"the" is not part any of the band names mentioned in this thread, so it doesn't need to be capitalized.

how are you still not getting this?

Indierocks said:

Dude, I know english. I just happen to go by what my records say ("The" is used more often than not). Plus, isn't the first word of a name or title always capitalized? Anyway, I could bring up your "flaws" in capitalization, or you could lend me a hand by recommending some great tunes. That is your job as a critic, right?
How are you still not getting that the true band names themselves are subjective due to officially being referred to in both cases. So, about my original question...

please share any official pixies releases where the band is listed as "The Pixies."

i'm pretty sure that "loudQUIETloud" will be the only one you can find, but maybe i'm wrong.

It's no big deal who's right or wrong. Would you recommend Cymbals Eat Guitars?

no i want you to admit that you're wrong.

Fine, I'm wrong. Is Cymbals Eat Guitars worth listening to or not? (I predict that you will not answer)

is your life so busy that you can't spare the ten minutes it would take to listen to a couple of their songs and decide whether or not you want to hear more?

I just want your opinion as a critic. It's your job, as a critic, to suggest what's worth ones money when purchasing music. You are easily the toughest critic I've ever come across. This is why, as a young artist, I value your opinion. I already think they're good, I want to know why you probably don't.

that's not my job.

You're not a pro critic?

that's not my job as a critic.

What is your job as a critic?

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