Here's a good review of Hurley but still with some strange comments.

"Weezer fans are not like the others: when frontman Rivers Cuomo sang about lusting after underage Japanese girls or being clueless enough to
fall in love with a lesbian, the fans loved it because they too were
socially-retarded borderline paedophiles."


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As soon as I saw "good" and "maladroit" in the same sentence, I stopped reading.
I see what Al Brown did there.
Blog tactic #11: Say inflammatory things to incite anger. Anger = hits and Hits= validation.
BlogOSphere Critics: The only people more irrelevant to music than record executives.

Let's see, there's a big hefty dose of "Weezer sucks1" followed by biting commentary and then a niceish review of Hurley.

Weezer: a band so awful that Al Brown will use their success and fame for webhits on his irrelevant opinions.
Let's see, this attempt at a fanpede was posted a month ago and has 2 posted comments.
How'd that go? Not too good!
Why do I care about this guy's opinion when I can go and listen for myself?
Don't click the link and help this guy along.
"Socially retarded borderline paedophiles." Whoops! sounds like he's got our number, guys. It's that objectivity and reluctance to resort to bias that makes him a great reviewer.

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