This is a funny forum because just about every week or so we get somebody complaining that grumpy old fans (not unlike myself) just want Weezer to "write another Blue album" or "write another Pinkerton," whereas these enlightened (mostly newer) fans ramble on about how a band needs to be allowed to grow blah blah blah (paraphrasing here) and expand their horizons and write different music if the mood strikes them because they are different people now and blah blah blah (paraphrasing again.)

One thing that seems to be lost on these fans is that the Grumpy Old Fan™ does not necessarily seek another Blue or Pink and is not opposed to writing different types of songs. New fans seem to lead the charge with the battle cry "LET THEM BE DIFFERENT, LET THEM GROW."

No problem. What they don't seem to understand is that TBA and Pinkerton are VERY VERY VERY different albums, musically and thematically to varying degrees. Why do you think Pinkerton was so universally detested when it was original released.... "THIS ISN'T WEEZER!" I can't speak for every older fan but I really don't think we want them regurgitating music.

Different is fine, so long as it's good. Make sense?

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I'm sure Rivers loves getting told his song-writing process is shitty compared to an album at the time that was considered shitty on a daily basis.

I love Pinkerton and has become my favourite album very quickly, and I also love all their other albums too. I'm not going to tell someone that doesn't like the material from Green onward to just embrace the change but, seriously, complaining that they haven't written material like than since 14 years down the line seems very pointless.

If you do like those albums cool, if you don't like them it's also cool. Just be sure to know that the next album is not going to have a sense of feeling the first two albums had. Much like how the 6 latest albums they have released.

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