This is a funny forum because just about every week or so we get somebody complaining that grumpy old fans (not unlike myself) just want Weezer to "write another Blue album" or "write another Pinkerton," whereas these enlightened (mostly newer) fans ramble on about how a band needs to be allowed to grow blah blah blah (paraphrasing here) and expand their horizons and write different music if the mood strikes them because they are different people now and blah blah blah (paraphrasing again.)

One thing that seems to be lost on these fans is that the Grumpy Old Fan™ does not necessarily seek another Blue or Pink and is not opposed to writing different types of songs. New fans seem to lead the charge with the battle cry "LET THEM BE DIFFERENT, LET THEM GROW."

No problem. What they don't seem to understand is that TBA and Pinkerton are VERY VERY VERY different albums, musically and thematically to varying degrees. Why do you think Pinkerton was so universally detested when it was original released.... "THIS ISN'T WEEZER!" I can't speak for every older fan but I really don't think we want them regurgitating music.

Different is fine, so long as it's good. Make sense?

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Come on guys Rivers is just making music that sounds cool at the time he comes up with it!
okay, but can you knock the sucky albums for being sucky then?

Rob Ferzan said:
they're not a boring band, even if some albums sucked a little, you can't knock them for being different.
Let's put it this way. Every titled album is a natural continuation of an untitled album. Thus
Blue then Pinkerton
Green then Mal then MB
Red then Hurley
If you think of each phase as a different Weezer, then I would obviously see the first phase as the strongest. But the newer phases of Weezer are strong in their own ways. There has not been a "classic" weezer album in ether the Green or Red phases, but both have a span of good hits and some catchy consistent material. In the end Blue and Pink will always be listened to, and the rest will be the material for greatest hits albums.
I find it pretty embarrassing that some of you guys aren't getting the point of the topic. Lets make it easy:

1. They aren't asking for Weezer NOT to change their sound
2. Proof of this^ is that TBA and PInkerton sound NOTHING alike
3. The difference with TBA and Pink is that TBA and PInk are extremely well written, consistent albums, while every thing Weezer has put out post-90s has not been extremely well written or consistent.

Seriously, the lyrics, the drums, bass, guitar...every thing from the first two albums is superior. I actually enjoy all of Weezer's albums, but I whole heartedly know Weezer has gotten worse. I still love them, bu their quality has gone down. I've always enjoyed most Post-Pinkerton stuff while realizing TBA and Pink were better, but I never really MISSED Classic Weezer until Getting Up and Leaving was released. Listening to a Classic Weezer song I had never heard made me wish they'd go back there.
What's "the point"? and how would new weezer fans be missing that?
bleedgoldandwhite21, above you, got the point

"New" fans might miss the point because this is simply what I have observed (generally) from new fans; they always reply "let them be different" whenever some (equally misguided) old fan says "OMG make another Blue or Pink!"

It's not about making the same type or style of music, it's about quality and consistency.

Snickers (ka.jr) said:
What's "the point"? and how would new weezer fans be missing that?
Yeah i agree, i think that the "old" fans have a right to not like newer weezer albums, theyre completely different to blue or pinkerton and some people just dont like pop music and prefer rock or whatever
the answer is yes

the answer is yes
OP, I see exactly what you're saying. I agree. What I don't agree with though, is that the new Weezer(s?) are some of the best Weezer(s) that have happened. My point is, that I honestly *Prepares Sheilds* think that *Puts on flame suit* Hurley *Puts on gas Mask* is better than *Takes cover* Blue. I really love the new album more than Blue, but not as much as Pinkerton obviously.
Indeed sir! People make too much of it with their witty opions. Good music is good music. It sounds to me like their having fun making music and touring after all these years, so good for them. I still have fun listening and going to their shows after all these years. Anyways, new album rocks a zebra's ass with a belt just like the Blue one but differently. Cheer up ya'll at least their still making albums for us listen to!

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