Cannot wait to buy Riotfest!  But will wait, since there is only the download and no CD purchase right now?

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Nope. It's all gone.
Darn it, Pat!!!!
Thanks to Gregor, there's this.
(on mobile...not embedding, sorry!) Weezer Cruise song at Riot Fest

I'm really pissed off with all the banter being gone.  I'm hoping it's an error and the missing tracks are on the CD.

I've bought probably 10 bootlegs at this point, meaning I'm getting repeats of song after song.  Plus, I went to this concert and want to remember it.  Without the banter, there's no real reason for the bootleg.


The worst offence is the absense of Mikey's dedication...  :(

uh oh, weezer has pissed off their biggest sucker supporter.

So if you listen to the bootleg, I think there's just an error in that they left out some tracks.  Hopefully they will be on the CDs.  All the other tracks flow seamlessly as a live album should, except for right before "Troublemaker", "Island in the Sun" and "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams", all of which had some sort of banter.  I reckon we're missing "Mikey Welsh Dedication", "The Weezer Cruise Song" and the goofs on "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams".  It's not really Karl's job but I don't know who else to get a hold of.  I may or may not email him.  Not sure yet.

I think it's intentional. You can hear some definite splicing at the end of If You're Wondering.... The count-in for "I Just Threw..." starts there.

I wouldn't e-mail Karl. Nothing he can do. It was a creative choice either by the show's mixer (Pat Wilson) or someone who got a hold of the mixes after the fact.

Eh.. I know he can't really do a whole lot about it, but it really bugged me so I contacted him earlier today. At least we can get an explanation that way hopefully. I'll listen again in the morning but I think most of the tracks were deleted last-minute or something.

I think unless they had some personal issues with the dedication (which I totally can respect and understand), we deserve to have the missing tracks. After all the money I've spent on the bootlegs I think that's fair, but at the same time I don't wanna like throw a fit uk?

There are no dialogue tracks. The transitions between songs are seamless and intentional.

Not on my boot 0.o

Listen closer. The count-in for "I Just Threw..." is at the end of "If You're Wondering." In the original concert there was lots of banter and mucking about between those two songs.

But I think you're just trolling.

I'm being serious; all my tracks seamlessly flow together except where that banter would be and such.  I was at that concert, so I know what's missing.  The count-in is gone in my track too...


BUT...  There is a bassline covering Rivers saying "Told you you would cry!" at the end of IJTOTLOMD


This is really bizzare...


P.S. Alex says hi

No Brixton, still... :-(

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