don't tell me ozma...not that I don't love them



what do you guys think?  I wanna hear your friends, your neighbors, give me something random that no one knows.


Here are some things I found:

tacocat leotard.  maybe I'm just attracted to her :)



iron chic - cutesy monster man.   lots of screaming, but I like the sentiment of their melodies


poweys - midnight slave  they seem kinda bland at first, but I'm kinda bland too :) me more!!!  I'm really looking for alt rock weezer akfg ozma style.  There's gotta be more bands like that ?!?! 

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sorry i only listen to music that does not sound like weezer.

pinkerton era weezer

IRON CHIC!  what a great band.

Check out the Riverdales

I hate to shamelessly self-promote, but Weezer and Ozma have both been long time influences of mine, so, naturally, my band has elements that are comparable to each.  Our new EP is streaming here:

The album was self-produced and recorded in my brother and I's basement studio, but mixed by Tom-Lord Alge who actually mixed a few Weezer records. 

Thanks for listening!  Any and all feedback welcome!


dude I'm listening right now, sounds good!

thanks!  very much appreciated!

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