I dont own a tv (I am poh!) so I dont know whats on tv. Need some new shows to watch, so I am open to suggestions on what I can, should, or must download. I really only watch simpsons, futurama, or flight of the conchords these days, so dont waste time recommending thost particular shows to me. haha.

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Ghost Adventurers (if you'd like ghost shows)

Hell's kitchen (if you'd like reality cooking shows)

Storm Chasers (if you'd like storm shows)

19 Kids and Counting (if you'd like shows about big families)

AFV (if you'd like shows about funny home videos)

American Idol (If you'd like reality shows about singing)

The Biggest Loser (if you'd like reality shows about losing weight)

you know who should be a special guest on ghost adventures? weezer.


also, why is there not a show called goat adventures?

Big Bang Theory is my current favorite. SO funny.
Pushing Daisies
Party Down

This post was brought to you by the letter "P"
Yes! I love that show! Also (Bleep) my dad says and Mike and Molly

suz{ANNE} said:
Big Bang Theory is my current favorite. SO funny.
LOL I remember this episode.

G Foo Chombey said:

The Venture Brothers

Man Vs Food

Doogie Howser, M.D.

If you get the premium channels: True Blood and Californication


American Idol is the only show I watch regularly on TV besides True Blood and Californication.


Otherwise, it's kid shows, discovery channel, PBS, Foodnetwork...stuff like that.   :)

Love this show! Have them on dvd.

santas not real, mommy hates you said:

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