I dont own a tv (I am poh!) so I dont know whats on tv. Need some new shows to watch, so I am open to suggestions on what I can, should, or must download. I really only watch simpsons, futurama, or flight of the conchords these days, so dont waste time recommending thost particular shows to me. haha.

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Worst list ever.  All of those shows are lame.  I could see an argument for the shield and walking dead.  Lost is a waste of time.


I'd suggest

Trailer Park Boys

Dr. Who (new ones)



The Onion Sports Dome

The Onion News Show


CrackerJack said:



All wrong.  Watch...

2 and a half men (comedy)

House M.D. (comedy/drama)

Burn Notice (Action)

White Collar (Action)

The shield (action)

Kung Fu (Action)

Psych (Comedy)

Lost (Drama)

The Walking Dead (Drama)


Basically, if you like comedy, just grab two and a half men and Psych, but all these shows are great.


for music shows:


Hoppus on music is actually really good.  Sometimes the humor gets old, but the musical guests are great


Subterranean on MTV2.  Plays at like 4am on Sunday nights.  The only place on cable you'll see musics videos from "indie" bands.

Crackerjack's choices suck.


Bump Boardwalk Empire up from my 'good' column to 'great'

Just finished season 1.

HBO original series ftw

I just watched a couple episodes of Community and they were pretty funny.

My all time favourite family comedy sitcom is Malcolm In The Middle. Even though it's kinda for a younger audience, I love it.

Whoever said LOST is a waste of time is an idiot.
two and a half men is HORRIBLE
oh yeah forgot about heroes but that was great, especially season one. british office is superior to the american one, but i like both. only watch two and a half men if you are looking to induce vomit.

Just make sure you watch in order, as character development is crucial to "getting" this show

THE OFFICE IS THE GREATEST SHOW EVER. Make sure it's the US version though, even though the UK version is hilarious as well.

The only shows I allow my family to watch are Family Guy, Tosh.O, whose line is it anyway, and DEXTER. Dexter is one of the greatest shows ever.



Weezer fans like Big Bang over Community?  Really?  Community even mentioned Weezer once.


Party Down, yes.  TP Boys also.


Haha! Wow! Soo many suggestions!!!
To the person who recomended yo gabba gabba, amazing! Thank you for that one!




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