I drew this picture of Rivers yesterday.


From this photo:

Was wondering if any of you have any tips for me? I'm not happy with the eyes or the nose..

Also, if any of you have any decent headshots of the other guys from the band.. because I haven't been able to find any to use.



I wasn't sure whether I should put this in All Things Weezer or All Things Not Weezer, so you can move it if you want.

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If you've got an extra copy of the photo, try drawing a grid over the face. It might help you with the proportions

i've removed the off-topic bickering from this thread. please keep all posts on topic in this forum.


thank you


berry_rydell, PhD in message board post-deletion

1) practice!

2) learn shading techniques!

3) it helps if you turn the picture upside down when drawing the eyes and nose to keep everything in line and proportioned correctly.

4) grids and tracing are bad, and real artists don't use them.

Draw everyday, and eventually you'll get better.

If you're into those portrait drawings, then maybe one day you'll be able to draw like that.


The drawing has a sense of peace about it I think. The soft lines and sketching you use to convey the hair and mouth work well. Perhaps you've let the eyes and glasses/ frames dominate the face a bit too much, which affects the overall composition of the face. It can be a difficult task creating an image from a photograph as opposed to observing a person in real life. As to the success of the drawing it depends on what your objective is. Do you want to create a realist portrait, or a stylised representation of Rivers?

You might also wish to look at/ revisit this thread http://weezer.com/forum/topics/weezer-artwork-by-fans 

It demonstrates that a person can be represented in any number of ways.

With regards to other techniques that artists may use, my advice would be to experiment with a range of techniques until you find the approach that works for you. You might want to try the grid technique or just practise free hand. Don't be afraid to make mistakes or to ask for critical feedback, because this is how you will learn and develop your skills.

As for head shots of the band, you can always search for images online and then just crop the photos.


Yes a grid is a great suggestion. I usually teach my students using a 1/2 inch grid paper.  Tape the picture on the grid paper.  Draw the lines over the picture and the draw it box by box treating each box as its own separate picture.
Thanks, everyone I'll try all those things. I made this to get some criticism, and I appreciate that you actually gave me some advice aswell. :)

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