For me:

Justin Bieber

MIley Cyrus

Demi Lovato

Taylor Swift



And pretty much any disney/ country music.

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Bitter girl.

Ashley Jane Orr said:

If you read the whole sentence, I think I said something about him owning both Joy Division AND New Order and that I actually own some New Order because of him.  I don't mind being too stupid to fully "understand the brilliance behind Ian Curtis and Joy Division." As long as I can still read comprehensively, I'll take the loss.


placemats said:

I'm not sure if your ex really burned you, or you are just not intelligent enough to understand the brilliance behind Ian Curtis and Joy Division.  Maybe both.  Either way, it's your loss.



Ashley Jane Orr said:

WHATEVER.  Joy Division is loud repetitive noise. 

New Order is much more bareable though if it makes you feel better. 


My ex loved both so I have some New Order, but the music that I've heard under their former name was terrible.

placemats said:

I think anyone who puts such phenomenal bands like Nirvana and Joy Division on their list sucks gorilla balls.

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