My son was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago at the age of 3.  Prior to his diagnosis Henry was a vibrant young boy that loved the outdoors but his cancer soon made all outdoors play times impossible.  My wife and I liked Weezer as we grew up but paid no attention to the band as we struggled with our son ,Henry's, impending radiation and chemo treatments.  By random luck, Henry heard a Weezer song as we made the 90 minute trek to one of his chemo treatments.  He instantly loved listening to Weezer in our mini van as we traveled the long distances for our doctor appointmnents to Milwaukee to receive his painful treatmets of chemo therapy.  During this time,  Henry insisited upon listening  to "Greatest Man" with every 90 minute trip to his next chemo treatment. At night while his feeding tube was pumping  he would only fall asleep if Weezer was playing on his stereo cd player.  My wife and I soon became Weezer officianados as Henry, our 3 year old, memorized every song Weezer ever performed.  Henry is now a healthy 5 year old with only passing memories of his traumatic childhood.  But my wife and I will never forget the role Weezer played in Henry's treatment and  recovery.  He is truly the Geatest Man that ever lived, Thank you for the song that was his anthem as  he fought a battle no 3 year old should ever have to fight!  Both our car and van have the weezer "W" sticker on the back, and always will, in rememberance of your role in Henry's battle and victory over cancer.  We can only hope he will grow up and forget all that has happened to him, but we will never forget the role you played in his batltle with cancer and recovery!

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glad to hear your son is doing well :)

Me too

like a sir [berry_rydell] said:

glad to hear your son is doing well

This is such a touching story.  I'm glad your son is doing well!!

Aww what a lovely story, with a happy ending!

Glad to hear he's doing well.  Thanks for sharing Henry's story. 

The power of music is truly fascinating! Glad your son is doing well :)

That is an amazing story!!! I'm so glad your son is now healthy! I'll say a prayer for continued health with him and your family!

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