I'd love to hear what you guys think of it, whether you're agreeing or disagreeing with what I have to say. I'm always up for some intelligent discourse from Weezer fans.

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nice review! i have a few different opinions but i share a lot of the same sentiment towards the show

good job on the well written review. i was hoping to read some reviews of this show after i read this guys take on night 2

which says the band looked "guarded" and "intent on getting it(pinkerton portion of the show) over with as soon as possible." i love everyones differing opinions but was glad to find out u had a different pinkerton experience.
That was an awesome review!!

"Because this was Weezer, the “Pinkerton” songs had majestic choruses, but they were messier and less crafted, which puts into question why this dark horse is even considered special. There were dirges (“Getchoo”) and dense, sloppy pop songs (“Pink Triangle”) but playing them, the band looked guarded and intent on getting it over with as soon as possible. Who could blame them: the dark period “Pinkerton” represents for Weezer was just a temporary stop in what turned out to be an otherwise charmed career."


Wow. I couldn't disagree with that review more if I tried. Oh well.


And thanks for the comments, you guys. I worked incredibly hard to capture the energy that I felt in the air on that second night.

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