Hey everybody. I got a lot of support on this site when I released my first album. I got a lot of constructive criticism which helped me improve my voice and songwriting skills. I'm excited for you all to hear the new album. It's pretty awesome. For now, I leave you with this low-budget video for the first song (which is the only song on there that really sounds like the first album).

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This is literally the only song on the album approaching easygoing pop. The rest of the album is fairly unique, raw and most importantly, it sounds like me. I bought myself that Gibson SG afterplaying guitar long enough to where I felt I'd earned it. There's definitely some energetic and fantastic solos on there, this one is a bit softer due to the nature of the song. Thanks for your comments.

ok. Honestly though, in order to tap into that massive energy, I think it's better to have a thinner neck and a guitar you can sling around and chip a couple pieces off uncaringly. So a strat basically or something similar. The dive into the gibson, to me, represents the dive into vested interests, meaning making music not as much to stick it to the man, when it should always be about sticking it to the man.

thats just my strat theory. I could be wrong tho

or rather the dive into playing guitar in a preserving manner, rather than a destructive all out manner which is ooivulysdly quite neceessary if you want tot ap into the beast

Fair enough. I think the brand doesn't matter as long as you got the skills and/or energy inside ya. Strats are definitely easier to play though for sure. A lot of this album was recorded with a Telecaster but the parts that sound really good were with that SG you're hatin' on, playa. 

but the parts that sound really good were with that SG you're hatin' on, playa.

One who is a great musician, or a true artist or w.e, would never say something like this, out of a profound feeling that they are not separate from humanity, or something--w.e that humanity sense is that makes someone great at w.e they do. Anyway, you're probably too much of a materialist to change, and you're main focus is how guitars sound in adobe audition, or w.e program you hoard. Anyway, I hope you decide to change and start sticking it to the man 1 day, instead of hoarding guitar parts and hashing out music that already has been hashed.

Btw, this is not hating. I didn't start this post hating, I started with a quote and it all unfolded as it did. --I assume no will power over my writing, never have since i started this f****** forum. You do suck though, on some level.

So if I buy a strat I'll be cool and I'll be sticking it to the man? Eh. Clearly I'm only in it to be pop and please people, which is why my video is based on an obscure found footage horror series.
Your judgments lack any real logic and at this point I know you're just rambling.
A real artist wouldn't focus on certain brands being the answer to true creativity or whatever it is you're going on about. Thank you, good night.

okay well in order to let out that guitarist beast, one must have as much energy freed up, so that they can put it towards the guitar. If their focus is guitar parts and songs, they may miss the opportunity to let out the beast. The beasts that come to mind are john frusciante and jimi hendrix. Cliche, maybe, and less so with J.F. But I think other lesser guitarists, Graham Coxon--Blur, Dave Kuenig--tha killers, let out the beast only so far as it suited their pop compositions and musical successes, whereas, if you read about Jimi Hendrix, he clung to his guitar like it was apart of him, and thus was so beastly at expressing anything with it and was less concerned with whatever that might be. Whereas, Kuenig and Coxon were basically playing music with an end goal in mind. I guess Rivers too can be said to be like that. I mean, he was quite clever or 'Harvard-esque' about it, putting together Pinkerton seemed like a process of writing a novel. Thats cleverness for you and backed with real experiences packed into it, but authenticity is more-so in Jimi Hendrix, because he clung so fervently to the instrument.

So I'm saying, pick up a shitty guitar that you can beat on, and dowse your vested interests in pop composition and focus on nothing except vital expression via guitar so you can be as beastly as Jimi Hendrix.

A real artist would  not focus on brands, yes maybe. But a real artist critic would. But I do think I am a real artist, I'm basically in the process right now of trying to bring it out in myself. In the meantime, as I'm analysing the processes and studying other artists, I'll be a critic. But I will have something to bring out soon and it actually might blow minds...

this is what happens when you talk to flarm, everyone. let's all just go ahead and stop that, ok?

John Frusciante essentially has failed IMO as a guitarist, as he was never quite confident as either a member of the chili peppers or a solo artist and basically failed to produce anything sounding very complete. He was so uncertain whether to be a minimalist guitarist or a chili pepper or a solo w.e, so he just did heroin and it did not help his artistic abilities. If he would have done something like the J.F experience, it could have been so sick. I think... he should have quit the peppers, but if he could have considered it more, and not repented the decision, he might have started up a real solo band and it could have been the greatest thing since the Jimi Hendrix experience. Instead he released like 10 solo albums which are all kind of watered down by sentimental guitar riffs that don't do much except illustrate Frusciante's indecision and regret.

The latest, PBX, is amazing, but it doesn't cover up all of the years of indecisive guitar playing. But there is still time... and I read somewhere that he's got something like over 400 songs in stock. PBX, is probably the best thing I've heard since streetlight manifesto.

You've heard it, people. Materialists play Gibson, but not Fender.

You ran a red light, dude.

I chose a Gibson  SG because a bunch of my favorite artists use it.

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