So a few months back I was talking some jive about getting a Fender Jaguar or Duo Sonic, etc, etc.

But the thing is I'm not rich enough to afford a good one. This weekend, however, I was rich enough to buy myself this bad larry:



Here she is with my amp ('68 Fender Twin Reverb):


And here she is alongside my strat (her new best friend):




Now generally, I prefer the TV Yellow finish on these Epiphone Les Paul Specials (single or double cut) but they had both at the store, and the cherry finish just jumped out at me a bit more.

The yellow finish can be hit or miss, this one was an odd shade of mustard with a bit of wood grain peeking through, and it just wasn't particularly appealing.


The P90s on this thing sound fantastic through my Tube Screamer and Fender amp.

I am so in love with this thing. Mind you, I will probably be using this guitar for more of my band's rock songs and not necessarily the clean-guitar poppy stuff because the Strat (I've installed some Fender Tex Mex pickups in it) sounds pretty great on those numbers.



Anyway, just posted this for any guitar fanatics like myself.

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awww @ kermit on your amp


awww @ stickers on your amp


awww @ wilf

i've never seen a cherry Les Paul being played on stage before.  nice pick.


i think your guitars should make babies

Such a sexy guitar 
thank god the crazy psychopath isn't here to comment about your guitar and her obsession with horses.
The studio is an underrated purchase.  My current collection (including new autographed SG I bought from a boardie) has a Gibson Custom shop Peacock Les Paul that I spent 5 times as much on as my 2001 Sam Ash limited edition LP studio.  Very little actual difference in sound quality between the two.  Too bad I tried to be nice and give the studio away to some poor kid that's probably wiped his boogers on it and didn't appreciate it.

Not a fan of Les Pauls. The nice ones have a decent sound, but the weight almost negates that. However, nice color choice. It's not my favorite color or anything, it's just nice not seeing a fireburst or white one.


Edit: or the style as seen above me

To be honest, I do not like Les Pauls. I really dislike them in general, actually. But this one I just bought...the Les Paul Specials are considerably lighter, which is really my main problem with LP's, and on top of that it's an affordable guitar with P90s...and man, I love me some P90's.


It really is the only kind of Les Paul I would ever consider buying, let alone actually buy. So many guitars I would sooner buy. But this one...I love it.

I don't know much about guitars, but I'm sure that you are going to have a lot of fun with your new one.
My brother was always into the Flying V stuff. I got to tell you, I hate the Flying V guitar models. Appearance wise it wasn't too attractive and it always gave the same lousy tone.

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