I love to play bass along to all of Weezer's greatest songs and since i can play most of them i am playing bass for a good couple of hours, but they always get annoyed and start to complain. It's unfair though because every day they are working on their house and drilling at 7 am and waking my up my whole family and we never complain. What do you think i should do and i use a Ampeg amp, usually have it on 5/10 volume and sometimes use a boss bass pedal.


It isn't even too loud because i can't even hear myself playing most of the time when so there is no point.


My current neighbours only moved in a month ago and my old neighbours were completly fine with me playing bass.

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this board is pathetic.

Why do you say that, old chum?

fog is my name [berry] said:

this board is pathetic.


Brofessefef said:
uhh.....mention the drilling?
and this

Matt Murphy said:
turn the amp up to 11.
the latest i have played is 7.30.

Gohi said:

How late do you play it? Be honest.


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tell your neighbours to get a f****** grip
They just sent a letter through my door saying it's annoying, please use headphones and i literally only played along to 3 songs, Hash Pipe, Island In The Sun and Say It Ain't so. Plus i haven't played bass for a week,,,,,they are so annoying and they kept drilling at 8 am a few days ago.
send a letter through their door telling them to f*uck themselves

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