Yeah, for some reason I deleted the last one. (I forget why)

And just to clear things up: Yes, I am aware of the plot holes,(hey at least there are less than Tron Legacy!) and how some of the songs aren't coherent. I wrote this when I was bored in a biology class, so cut me a little slack! I will improve on it, I promise.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way..........

Jonas Pinkerton is a teenager who is getting increasingly bored with his life. One day while sitting in Mr. Hurley's class, he decides to create an image for himself of a bad boy who doesn't care about anything. (Troublemaker*) His new image causes every girl in school to want to be with him. (Smart Girls) He soon falls for the most popular girl in school, Sue Flowers, and thinks his life is going to be amazing.He and sue go on their first date and talk about their lives Jonas, however, mostly talks about himself. (My Name is Jonas) During the date it is clear that Jonas is in love with Sue, but Sue isn't as interested. She continues to date him, but she notices that he is getting progressively creeper, and maybe on the verge of obsessive (Island in the Sun). His life is going along great until one day all of his classmates hate him and Sue as a couple. Jonas and Sue talk about it at their school dance that night. (Buddy Holly**) He goes home that night, and it is clear his bad boy image is causing his grades and his life at home to take a turn for the worse. His dad is outraged to see what Jonas is becoming, so he fights with him over his future. (Represent**) Jonas then storms off into his room, and falls asleep. When he is sleeping he has a weird dream where he is in a dark room in between Sue and his dad. It is clear that now he is experiencing stress from his rough relationship with both of them, and they begin to pull at his sweater with evil grins on their faces. (Undone) He wakes up and calls Sue to talk to her about the dream, but she doesn't answer, so Jonas leaves her a message. (Ruling Me) He then goes to school, and has an appointment with his guidance counselor, Mr. Cuomo. When asked what he wants to do with his life, it is revealed he has a passion for acting. (Beverly Hills) He then meets up with Sue, and they have a fight. It is clear that they have been fighting for a while now, and Jonas calls her to talk about the fight, but she doesn't answer once again. (Trainwrecks) After confronting Shelia about what to do, he talks to his parents about his passion for acting. At first, his parents say that it is a terrible idea, but they begin to think it is a good idea after he explains why he wants to act. (I Want To Be Something) He checks his phone and finds out that Sue left him a message, wanting to break up with him. He calls her and she FINALLY picks up, and Jonas proceeds to freak out at her for leaving him. (Say It Ain'T So) After Rivers and Shelia comfort him, he goes out with a group of friends to a club since he is now a bachelor. He is having a great time, but gets extremely drunk, and the cops burst in and arrest him. (Can't Stop Partyin'***) He is in jail when Rivers and Shelia come to visit him. After this visit, Jonas soon realizes that Shelia is the one he belongs with, and she always has been. They exchange letters to each other throughout Jonas' sentence, and he confesses his love for her in the last one. (Hang On) 4 months later, Jonas is released to see Shelia standing outside the jail with open arms. They run towards each other and kiss. The play then flashes forward to a hospital room where Shelia is sleeping, and Jonas is holding a baby in his arms. We hear him finishing the story where the show just ended. He then says to the baby, named Amber, that even though his life was hard, he is happy with the result.( I'm Your Daddy)


The End

(Memories is sung over the Curtain Call)



*= Possibly Combined with Pork and Beans

**= Duet/ Song Battle

***= Cuts off before Lil' Wayne's part

Shelia will sing "Keep Fishin'" at one point, because she and Jonas once dated, and it is revealed she still has major feelings for him.


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yeah this didn't need to be reposted.
I know it didn't, but I deleted it by accident, and I wanted it to stay up.
now I need to type out mine all over again!

you don't need to, I read it and it was a pretty good Idea!

It just seemed a bit dark.

oh so you can share your idea but stefan doesn't get to share his? talk about rude.
Needs more SFTBH

No, he does, he can retype it I just meant he doesn't need to retype it (it sounds like he didn't want to)

Anyone can share whatever idea they want for a weezer musical here. Even you can.

Deroing Derperschmidtt: Whats SFTBH?

gingerman621 said:
Deroing Derperschmidtt: Whats SFTBH?

OH okay, Nevermind.

I haven't heard of that album, so I'll try to fit some songs in if I can.

Besides, I was trying to stick to released stuff.

Many songs from SFTBH were released on alone and alone 2.
Well, I'll look them up and see if I can fit them in!

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