I love that song. I really just dont understand it though.

I see it has family meaning and mentions of the army, maybe shipping off the little brother.


I am also annoyed at how none of my friends (or anyone in a ten mile radius) knows what Weezer is, but I converted a few and persuaded them into getting the Blue album. Guess who's hooked? Them. Duh.


I would be a lot less joyful if my uncle a state away had not bought me the Blue album for christmas.

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From weezerpedia

"My Name is Jonas" was inspired by Cuomo's brother, Leaves Cuomo. Says Rivers, "'Jonas' explains how The Plan is reaming us all, especially my brother."The song is also said to have been, at least partially, inspired by the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry. The protagonist's name is Jonas, and at one point, actually says, "My name is Jonas." In the book's plot, Jonas uses a sled, and Wepeel is the name of a childhood sled of Cuomo's.

Anyone have anything to add?

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