After waiting for a few months, I received the call yesterday that the Jupiter 80 (aka. JP-80) arrived.


I know there are a few of you who never heard of a Roland Jupiter keyboard before. The new JP-80 is a big deal, considering the last Jupiter model that Roland released was in 1983 - so there were no Jupiter keyboards models Roland made in between 1983-2011.  Also, the JP-80 is very expensive too (MSRP is $3,999).


For extensive reading, I recommend reading this wiki article to understand the history and uses of the classic Jupiter 8:


I just got back from a Sade show - so I haven't had much time to go in depth with my new synth.  I was busy all day with school and picking the keyboard up in LA.  I have just set it up. 


I want to share some of the photos of the JP-80.  Here they are:

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i know, trevor. i know :)

Jupiter 80 said:

Howard Jones also apparently owns the JP-80 too.  In fact, he was involved in testing and creating patches for it since he was well known to use the JP-8.

revolver ocelot ◕‿◕ [berry] said:

you are now the howard jones of atnw. congratulations!


you do need that sweater, though...

Jupiter 80 said:


Here is a good example of what the arpeggiator can do alone.  Sorry there are no beats to go with it.

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