Hey Guys :) I've been a Weezer fan for quite a while now and I've always been a bit disappointed with how the band's later albums turned out. I just feel they became a different band with a different sound - it didn't feel like they evolved so much as they just changed. So, recently I've been working on a list of 4 hypothetical albums that, in my opinion, should have been released. The albums are in a hypothetical chronological order. Feedback is always appreciated :)

Side Note: In my hypothetical universe, Matt stayed with the band and 5 of his songs were included on Weezer albums. As well as that, Rachel Haden provides female vocals when necessary.

Weezer (The Grey Album)

1. Jamie

2. California

3. Waiting On You

4. Mykel and Carli

5. I Swear It's True

6. Lullaby for Wayne

7. Across The Sea

8. Pink Triangle

9. Tragic Girl

10. Getting Up And Leaving

Weezer (The Blue Album)

1. My Name Is Jonas

2. No-One Else

3. The World Has Turned And Left Me Here

4. Buddy Holly

5. Undone (The Sweater Song)

6. Surf Wax America

7. Say It Ain't So

8. In The Garage

9. Holiday

10. Only In Dreams

Weezer (The Red Album)

1. Blast Off!

2. El Scorcho

3. Devotion

4. Tired of Sex

5. Please Let That Be You

6. Friends with P.

7. No Other One

8. Burndt Jamb

9. Superfriend

10. Butterfly

Weezer (The White Album)

1. I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams

2. Perfect Situation

3. You Gave Your Love To Me Softly

4. You Won't Get With Me Tonight

5. Waiting

6. Island in the Sun

7. Susanne

8. Keep Sleeping

9. Falling For You

10. Longtime Sunshine

P.S. I left out some superb songs like 'Theif, You've Taken All That Was Me', ' Let's Sew Our Pants Together' and a few songs from Pinkerton because I didn't feel like they fit with the albums I was making. 

P.P.S. I left 'The Blue Album' intact because it is basically the perfect album.

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Cool choices, but some of the songs are song by The Rentals so you can't really include them.

I know but I figured they had a real Weezer feel to them and in my hypothetical universe, Matt stayed with the band and they became Weezer songs.

Hugh Lovric said:

Cool choices, but some of the songs are song by The Rentals so you can't really include them.

this is hypothetically sad

i bet you had fun making this.

All good songs. However, a few things to point out:

  • Matt was actually still in Weezer when The Rentals released their debut album which featured Waiting and Friends Of P. He always saw these songs belonging to a separate project. I also doubt that Rivers would have considered these songs for a Weezer release.
  • Some of these songs were written during the same time period and therefore, belong together. For example, Falling For You and Butterfly were both written during Rivers Cuomo's existential crisis during the mid 90's. Separating them just seems wrong. IMO, Pinkerton is a perfect album.

Why would Rivers put songs he wrote in 1995/1996 on an album released presumably before 1994?

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