I have posted songs on here before but this is by far the best quality I have ever recorded. Please let me know what you think fellow Weezer fans! Thanks

I made it to where you don't have to download anything, just listen.

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Oh I forgot to mention that the song is not mixed yet....but I am still excited


Didn't like it, huh? Oh well I tried.

I made it so you don't have to download it and can just listen freely. I promise you will at least like it. If you don't I will delete my account from this site.

Next big thing said:

Didn't like it, huh? Oh well I tried.

i don't like it.

I like it dude.  I think it's pretty catchy. 


Thanks for listening! I appreciate it.

i didn't listen to it.

Neither did I.

nope - i haven't heard it either.


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