We get a lot of Weezer comparisons.. which is fair enough I guess. We uploaded a new video from our new album. Hope you like it.



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Yeah, you're good. Are you on Spotify??
Cool song man, you guys rock. Maybe we'll see you in the states soon.
Fun video...great song!
I'm loving that thick guitar tone, what gear is your guitarist using?

Thanks for checking it out and for all your feedback.. I really appreciate it. We have some old tunes on Spotify but nothing I'm too proud of. The new album is more along these lines and we'll be releasing it early next year.


As for tones.. For the rhythm guitars on this song we stacked up a few tracks with Fender Strats using a Boss DS2 and Big Muff through an Orange AC30 and Marshall JCM900 head. We used an orange cab too. Hope that helps.


Thanks again! :)

'sokay man, very weezer esque as you noted. Looks and sounds pro.
Thanks very much. We listened to a lot of them when we wrote the album so it was sure to rub off. We put a lot of synth on other tracks because we lvoed how they made it sound

Lindsey "Linster" Campbell said:
Dude, This is great. It reminds me more of The Rentals though. (Matt Sharp's band)
Fun and catchy.  Checked out some of your other stuff and was pleasantly surprised.  I honestly thought it was all going to sound the same.  You might have something.  Good luck.

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