Okay, your favorite Muse album and favorite Muse song. Also, your expectations for the new album the 2nd Law and anything you want to say about Muse.

Origin Of Symmetry

Butterflies And Hurricanes

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Origin Of Symmerty
Muscle Museum
Excited and also a little terrified

never heard of them

Origin of Symmetry
Megalomania or Dark Shines

I am expecting it will suck like all the songs they've released from it. They've alienated me a lot in the last few years and it isn't because they're popular, before any of you accuse me of that. I know it's hilarious that I'm saying that on a Weezer board.

er... Resistance


To be honest I think they are damn good.... just haven't gotten around to listening much and I don't have expectations for the new album

Muse is the next generation Rolling Stones

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