I think el scorcho but what do you guys think???

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That's a tough one, maybe Across the Sea or Unbreak My Heart.

"I Was Made For You"



Unbreak My Heart is a cover so that shouldnt really count

I'd have to go with Where's my Sex? or Im your Daddy

Jordan said:
That's a tough one, maybe Across the Sea or Unbreak My Heart.
only in dreams probably. then el scorcho.
I had the same two songs in mind.

UWbadgers16 said:
only in dreams probably. then el scorcho.
EL SCORCHO! Definitely.

Suzanne. These lines say it all:


I haven't much I can give you in return

Only my heart and I promise not to turn

I'll sing to you every day and every night

Suzanne, I'm your man

1. Only in dreams
2. O girlfriend
nothing more romantic than gurgling noises...

elscorcher said:
EL SCORCHO! Definitely.

prettiest girl in the whole wide world

i was made for you



ms. sweeney- "i gotta admit the truth: i am totally head over heels in love with you..."




I Was Made For You

Gosh that's a tough one... Kind of depends on what you mean by romantic. Just off the top of my head, the ones that I think really convey that feeling of romantic attraction toward someone would be Only in Dreams like others have mentioned, El Scorcho, Across the Sea..... Yeah, the more I think about it the harder it is to actually limit it down to one song, there's so many that feel so honest yet relatable that it's hard to put one above another sometimes.


I guess I'll just throw in one of the more recent ones I haven't seen anyone post yet, which is "Miss Sweeney". Absolutely brilliant song that paints an incredibly vivid picture of what the character in the song is going through. I like how it switches from the mundane office talk in the verses and then just explodes with all the pent up emotion in the chorus and bridge sections. It conveys that basic emotion extremely well I think. 

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