first off the wildcard thing is BS this game deathmatch?  stupid...the braves should be in the playoffs right now.  secondly, that call at the braves game was BS.  stupid...the braves should STILL be in the playoffs right now. 

regardless, even though im a braves fan...i lived in DC for about 5 years and went to tons of Nats games while they sucked big time.  I not only want, but think they are going to the World Series...although it looks like St. Louis gave them a pretty bad beating in game 2. 

I see the World Series being Washington vs. Detroit.  But it would be pretty awesome if it were Washington vs. Baltimore.  Seeing as they are both DC area teams and have both sucked for a long would be pretty exciting. 

It seems that Yankees and Baltimore are playing now, but of course I cant watch it way down here in rugby land.....

i went to look and see if i could find one of the games on tv the other day and all i could find was a game of NY vs. Boston from the end of the season.....why the f*** would anyone want to watch that?




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just as i thought.........nobody......


Sorry I stopped paying attention to baseball as soon as (american) football season started.

but I wouldn't mind seeing the Nats in the world series, I think it's about time some some new blood

Why are they playing the first 2 games at the home of the lower ranked teams?

i dont know.....this stupid new wildcard thing this year screwed everything up......

....including my hopes and dreams......

F*CK St. Louis, they shouldn't even be in the playoffs this year.

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