So, I've had a few embarrassing misunderstood-lyrics moments in my life. What are yours? 

From "My Name is Jonas":
I thought "fresh out of batteries" was "fresh out of Baton Rouge."

From "The World has turned"
"You left enchanted by my intellect, or maybe, you didn't" 
I thought the last part was "Old Navy, you did it!" (I have no idea why I thought that.) 

I also know someone that spent more than a year thinking that "The Good Life" was called "the Nomad song," as in, "I don't wanna be a Nomad anymore..." 

It'll be interesting to see what you guys have misunderstood. : ) 

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Everybody Get Dangerous:

"Hockey games on frozen ponds
No safety pads were ever put on"

I kept singing
"Hockey games, all pros and cons" Which makes no sense at all

Only in Dreams:
"You cant resist her
She's in your bones"

I kept singing:
"She's in your balls"
When "(If You're Wondering if I Want You To) I Want You To" was first released as a single, I was with everyone who thought it was "Shaun the Lifeguard", instead of "you charmed the lifeguard". Haha.
EXACTLY the same for me!  lol

oktobermama said:
Haha, this is a great discussion idea! I agree the lyrics are usually easy to understand, but sometimes... I used to think "The Good Life" went, "I don't want to be lonely anymore..." instead of "I don't want to be an old man anymore" and I used to hear "Troublemaker" as "I will be a rockstar and you will go to bed with me" instead of "you are gonna bear with me"

And yes, I also heard "Memories" as "on the bus while we undigest", "earned our checks" makes WAY more sense :)
I thought the exact same thing!

Sean Blake (sean_e_b) said:
I've always found Weezer's vocals to be very understandable for the most part, so I only have one example.

Actual lyrics from "Memories":
Listening to techno music on the bus where we earned our checks.

What I thought:
Listening to techno music on the bus while we undigest

Made sense to me seeing as it comes directly after a line containing the word vomit.

 “Pink Triangle on her sleeve,” sounded at the time like, “Pink Triangle honestly,”

On King “Cut me some slack off,” sounded at the time like, “Cut me some slack dawg,” which I still think to this day would have been a funnier lyric.   Also on the same song “an army of babies” sounds like, ”And I’ll be your baby,” and “Clear out of my biz,” sounded like, “Clear out all my fears,”... man I really screwed that song up.

First couple listens to Hurley I was singing "We are trade winds."  I liked the idea of being a trade wind.


Then I noticed the title of the song was Trainwrecks.

Once during a class in high school I had a friend listen to "Pink Triangle" on my headphones. At one point the room was dead quiet (we were all supposed to be reading) and he looked up at me and yelled, "DID HE JUST SAY 'MY DOG IS A LESBIAN??''" It was hilarious. :)
In pork and beans, I always thought it was "one look in the mirror and i'll dare go pink",
Later found out it was "one look in the mirror and I'm tickled pink".

Not that its a hilarious mistake lol, just thought I would throw in my input.
Did anyone else think "Getchoo! Uh-huh!" Was "Get you off?"
u better listen to arctic monkeys or any other band....   weezer is not the same anymore

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