So, I've had a few embarrassing misunderstood-lyrics moments in my life. What are yours? 

From "My Name is Jonas":
I thought "fresh out of batteries" was "fresh out of Baton Rouge."

From "The World has turned"
"You left enchanted by my intellect, or maybe, you didn't" 
I thought the last part was "Old Navy, you did it!" (I have no idea why I thought that.) 

I also know someone that spent more than a year thinking that "The Good Life" was called "the Nomad song," as in, "I don't wanna be a Nomad anymore..." 

It'll be interesting to see what you guys have misunderstood. : ) 

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I thought the chorus to "Why Bother?" went: "My father, is gonna hurt me. He's gonna kill when you desert me." Then I realized the song's name is "Why Bother?" and it made sense again.
jajaja nice thread!

I remember

"my name is jonas, I'm carring the wind...?"


"(oh, uh, oh!) you've your veggies(?), I've got my hash pipe..."
Cold and Damp:

Actual Lyric: "Making love at the eddy"

What I heard: "Making love with a Yeti"
I used to think that in TGMTEL it was "cut my heart with a waterslide".
I thought the line: "I just made love with your sweet memory, one thousand times in my head", in The World Has Turned... was: "I just made love with your sweet memory, one thousand times with my hand". Which, imo would have made it fit, perfectly on Pinkerton
I have so many of these, but I can't remember them, because when the internet came out, I never had this problem anymore :P

When I first heard, "Put Me Back Together", I though it was, "here, I'm queer" instead of "here, it's clear"
The Nomad song? Did you immediately slap this person?
I had and still have some missunderstood 'cause english is not my first language, so i have to read 4 or 5 times each songs to understant everything (almost) !!!

"Troublemaker"-- it IS "gonna bear with me".
"The Greatest Man That Ever Lived"-- It's "modest spike". Trust is a must.
Weezerpedia has "martyr's spike." Anyone know a legit source to see the lyrics?
I embarrassingly went on for well over a decade thinking that it said "I'm dumped, she's a lesbian" in "Pink Triangle". It pretty much changed my life when I discovered that I had been singing it wrong for YEARS and it actually says, "I'm DUMB, she's a lesbian". Turns out you're not the only dumb one, Rivers! ...that was lame. I'm sorry.
I got confused with "My Name is Jonas" to. When he says "The driver said hey man we go all the way" i cant tell if after that its "But of course we were willin to pay" or "of corse he was wearin a toupe

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