i recorded the whole show on my iphone if anyone cares  :p



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you know you can turn your phone side ways?


which see you did during hash pipe.  how tired were your arms after the show?

dude they were really tired. but i wasn't sore the next day. must be all the weight training  ;p


Still not a huge fan of the show but damn it was so cool of you to do this. The first 5 songs were hard-hitting and may have been the tightest I've ever seen the guys play. Was a pretty good concert.

yeah the setlist could have been much better.... sure liked the we are all on drugs though. only in dreams, no one else, in the garage, tired of sex, devotion, sure would like to have heard those...


i recorded most of last years show at the basilica block party in minneapolis too.  if anyone wants that i'll upload it too...  lemme know
T: I would love that!!! Basilica was awesome!!
aight, i'll upload it soon.  busy next couple days.

t1000 said:
aight, i'll upload it soon.  busy next couple days.
Thanks so much! If you got Brian's Theme and Perfect Situation I will be super happy.
2 cover songs in one show seem to be a bit much.  Paranoid Android is very sweet, I love seeing Pat shred, but Pumped Up Kicks just needs to die, swiftly
To tell you the truth, Pumped Up was more exciting to the crowd than Paranoid (which is what they want at a fest show, I think)
Yay for other Minnesotan fans! Thanks for uploading this!

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