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Damn, RIP.

I loved all the Weezer Interviews during that era when he was in the band. Dude was hysterical.



WTF, man.

brofessefef said:


So what you're saying is...

Farkas said:

RIP, Mikey. You won't be remembered as Weezer's best bassist. 
Shame.  Just a shame.  Really feeling it for his family right now.
his tribute was on facebook, btw...

brofessefef said:


I decided to check Rivers' twitter to see what he had written in tribute.  At the time of checking his last tweet read:




Beautiful, Rivers.

Awful news.


RIP Mikey, whenever I think of you I'll always think of a vibrant time in my, and my favourite band's, life.

Island in the Sun always teetered on the edge of happy and sad for me, I listened to it today and the sadness and longing in the song was remarkably more pronounced.

its so weird.....and so freakin sad...i woke up around 3am, for some reason i was wide awake...thats abnormal for me, and when it does happen i know its because something is going on that i need to find out about...and i read the news on my cell and found out...i just cant believe it...i loved and adored him SO much....he and pat were like two peas in a pod, so funny, and funny together, and i remember that time when he was with weezer very well...have even passed on the weezer legacy down to my younger brother...he knows all about the weez....and so strange, always reading his updates, his stories...but having missed those very suspisious posts i wont go into, out of respect...but it seems odd, that's all i'll say...and it makes me so sad....and i wish, and will always wonder if there was something someone could've done to prevent this from happening...he was too young, and had too much going in his favour...i miss him =(

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