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RIP Mikey.

Radioactive said:
It is true, for any remaining doubters.  Pat posted on his Twitter.  Love and prayers from Wisconsin to Weezer and Mikey's family and friends.

Never knew him personally, obviously. What I do know is that someone who was part of something that's brought me a lot of joy over the years isn't with us anymore, and that hurts. He was so damn funny, too. My thoughts are with the band, his friends, and his family.

terrible news. :(

Mikey you were my idol I can't believe you're gone, my dream was to meet you one day I can't believe this has happened! We all love you so so so much! You made me want to be a musician when I grow up no one will ever ever forgot you. Why did this happen why did it have to happen to you you're my idol and always will be thank you so much for everything you have done for me. All I have l left of you now is the signed pick that you gave me last November I Love you Mikey R.I.P.............

:( This is so sad 


R.I.P Mikey


Gohi said:
He's probably asleep right now. God I feel bad for Hugh right now.
RIP, Mikey. You will be remembered as Weezer's funniest bassist. 
Was before anyone knew about it but nice one.

brofessefef said:


I decided to check Rivers' twitter to see what he had written in tribute.  At the time of checking his last tweet read:




Beautiful, Rivers.

This makes me so sad. Especially after reading his paragraph-long facebook statuses over the past couple of months, and learning about him and his times with weezer.


This is a horrible loss. Rest in peace Mikey, you will be missed.

Rest in peace, Mikey. We all miss you so much already. You were such a great musician.
Rest in Peace Mikey, thanks for your contributions to the Green album man

This is so sad 

RIP Mikey

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