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Rest in peace Mikey Welsh. You were such a phenomenal person, a rare gem, both remarkably talented and kind. I'll really miss your stories, your artwork and your smile.

I hope that wherever you are, you're feeling better now.

Where's Hugh's reaction????



RIP Mikey Welsh. Your work was most definitely appreciated. God bless you and your family.

He's probably asleep right now. God I feel bad for Hugh right now.
My heart sank when I saw this on Facebook. Rest in peace Mikey
So. damn. sad. Oh Mikey. Now I'm gonna sulk and listen to The Green Album. R.I.P.
rest in peace, mikey. so bummed :'(

Lewis, honestly, this isn't a time for you to get in another one of your famously unrealistic "Weezer wishes".

Notwithstanding the fact that it's completely unrealistic for a band to rehearse and relearn more or less 7 songs in 24 hour period, you should be grateful if they don't cancel the show.


I'm scheduled to go tomorrow, but if they did cancel, I would understand.  If it goes as planned, they should do whatever they feel necessary to honor him.

It is true, for any remaining doubters.  Pat posted on his Twitter.  Love and prayers from Wisconsin to Weezer and Mikey's family and friends.
haven't come around here often but RIP Mikey
rest in peace Mikey, you deserve it.
RIP Mikey :(
:( awwwww mikey

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