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I saw this too. I really hope its not true :(
I cried..
I saw this also. So sad, hope it is not true :(
I'm praying that someone knew that he wouldn't be around a computer today due to the Weezer concert and so they took advantage and hacked his facebook. I'm holding out until an official source speaks up, I really don't want to believe it.
I can't imagine someone would do such a cruel hoax, but I hate to believe that it's true.  I saw the post on fb.

come on, why would this be one big GOTCHA....



Rest in peace, Mikey.

I know things were really tough for him these last few weeks. I had hoped things were getting better there.
This is just soul-crushing stuff. 

RIP Mikey.
I hope Mikey is at peace.  So sad.

Wow...that's...wow. Don't know what to say.


Rest in peace, man.

Wow, just a few days ago he was sharing stories on FB and whatnot, terrible.  R.I.P.

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