I am very sorry for the delay, but here it is finally and I hope you enjoy it.



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well done, hugh. you did a really good job.

very good indeed. i know i speak for all of weezernation when i say R.I.P Mikey! We are gonna miss u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

=w= forever

That was really great.
Thank you and I'm sorry that the videos that I tried putting into it didn't work.
good job lad
Don't worry Hugh it's great even without the videos.
For some reason YouTube emailed me saying that my video is blocked in Germany because of copyright reasons...........But it is avaliable in every other country lol
Way to go, Hugh. Lewis tried to tell ya you were done but ya pushed through.
Thank you everyone for the nice comments :)
why hasn't lewis commented on this thread? it's like he's forsaken us or something. he hasn't posted in a few days so we must assume he has left weezer.com forever.
great job Hugh!

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