It is supposed to be an unreleased song, from his upcoming album, but is it really him singing?? or this is a fake just to grab money from naive fans??

and also the cover of the album is lame, MJ would be pissed

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Definitely MJ. His voice does sound a bit different but you can tell its him
Yeah he liked that kind of stuff, and maybe the cover is not that bad, but it's the background what i don't like, the album is supposed to be of songs written/recorded after his last album (Invincible, 2001) so it's "new stuff" and is pointless they have a collage spanning all his career, this would fit on a greatest hits, or on a Death to False Metal-esque album

and some bits of the song doesn't sound like him, just saying, i'm not an expert, it's a good song though

this is a brocording said:
you're crazy, the cover is f****** amazing.

did you not see the kind of paintings dude had in his house? he would have loved this.
Michael was and is KING!

Scott's gonna hate.
album cover = awesome
song = s*** sandwich
Brilliantly beautiful. I love it.
just listened to the first single from the new album, "Hold My Hand" now this is really cool, and also can't wait to listen the final version of the song he did with Lenny Kravitz

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