Conrad Murray Trial


Any thoughts?

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I was actually going to go to the London o2 Arena shows.  Plans and travel arrangements were made - I was certain at the time that if MJ wasn't going to do all 50 shows (since he always seems to get sick somehow), he was at least going to do the first few.


To my surprise, MJ's management announced that the opening week was going to be delayed for "needed rehearsals."  So the first week I had planned to go see, wasn't going to happen.  As a result, I did some last minute planning  I only changed my travel plans to do something else since the flight was already booked.  I opted to go to Ireland and catch a day of the Oxegen Fest.  While I didn't go see MJ play, I did see blur play. 


About a week or two after I did that, MJ died.


I don't know what to make of this whole trial thing.  Just saw the whole video you posted.  What an utter mess.

let's climb a tree

i hadn't realized it was happening until i got stuck in traffic trying to get past the courthouse earlier in the week.


that's about the extent of my knowledge of the trial.

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