The album is officially released today! I hope you guys enjoy it a lot more than Distance Reawakens. It's a huge step-forward, I'd say. To me this feels like my true beginning as a songwriter and/or artist. It's my attempt at a classic alt-rock album. Thank you.

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how much does it cost to buy it for free

5 dollars. For free.

Twinkletits is the best.

As a no-name artist (no offense) don't you think it would be wise to give away your music for free now?  Yes you paid for studio time I'm sure...but if you want to get out there you will have to take that hit.  The only people who are going to buy your album are the people who already like your music.  You want new people to like your music...and those people simply put, are not going to listen to your music unless it is free. 

Just some advice.......FREE advice!  See, now you may or may not take my advice....but I would bet my bottom dollar that you definitely wouldn't take my advice if I said "Gohi! I have some super awesome advice for you! Only 5 dollars."

You can stream the whole album and see if you like it or you can play it for free on Spotify. When I put my last album out for free that did not increase the number of people who listened to the music. In fact, the number of folks who've downloaded and listened to this one in the past few days is more than what happened with the last album for the past two years. You may be right but I'm not sold on it.

Giving this a shot. Album is available for pay what you want (including *free*!)

I think this is the best course of action...good luck.

Gohi said:

Giving this a shot. Album is available for pay what you want (including *free*!)

I just listened to the album, and i gotta say, it ROCKED!!! much heavier and more complex than distance reawakens. well worth the wait. Rock on, dude!! 

i will do my best in spreading your music across new england. not sure how successful i'll be, but i will give it a shot.

I think destiny park, KONTS, and my gravity are my favorites. for now.

Thank you, my friend. Was waiting to hear from you.

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