For those who went to the Aragon show, and especially those that were waiting in line for hours like me, you know there's a convenient Starbucks on the corner. Before the show last night at around 4:30pm, I went in for a warm-up and to order a latte. Scott had ordered one person in front of me because when we went around the other side of the coffee bar, I could instantly tell it was him! I waved to him as he was waiting for his drink. He waved back. I ordered and he was still waiting for his drink. So I walked up next to him and asked what his drink was. He had ordered a Quad Grande Latte. That's 4 shots of espresso! He said to me as you get older, you find you need more and more shots of espresso. We chatted for a bit more about coffee and tea and before he left, we shook hands and I told him "Have a great show. I'm really looking forward to it." He said "Looking forward to seeing you there" in a very genuine way. He was very cool to me and I will always remember that.


Thanks Scott! You're awesome man. 

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Yeah if I wasn't paying attention I wouldn't have noticed it. He had a hood and hat and easily could have been missed.

hintofcoolness said:

cool story I was in that starbucks at around the same time trying to get warm, maybe I should have paid more attention

Scott is

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