Are they worth it? Because I'm considering asking for it for the Las Vegas show.

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I felt it was totally worth it.  I was lucky enough to be able to go VIP for both SF shows.  The face value of my seat was $100, so each night, for an extra 150, I got a neat little tour with Karl (kind of a nice warm-up), early access to merch (wasn't necessary, but still convenient, I suppose), a VIP reception with FREE BEER and water, a sweet tote bag, free CD (not at all necessary, since I already had Hurley), a cool shirt (different each night), and an AWESOME exclusive poster (different each night!).  Then, BLAMMO! you get to meet Weezer, have one thing of your choice signed by the band (something from home, or something you bought there; I had them sign each night's poster), ask them a question or two if you want, and finally have your picture taken with the entire band.  THEN, you go to the show with a bad-ass seat (mine was second row both nights!) That, to me, is a lot for an extra 150 bucks.  I completely understand that there are differing opinions on the concept of "worth it", and that the cost puts it out of reach for a lot of folks.  Thus, for my ENTIRELY SUBJECTIVE opinion, I got a LOT for the money.  Plus, the people running it were very nice and very efficient.  Also, my understanding is that for the LA shows, the VIP people got early access to the GA floor, and I think the floor in Vegas is GA too.


There you go, for what it's worth, one dude's experience.  An incredible night which I won't forget till the senility kicks in.

I have to agree.  I went VIP for the Pinkerton show in LA and it was honestly one of the best concert experiences I've had in 20 years I've been a concert goer.  Not only do you get a nice bag of goodies, but you also get to meet the band AND take a photo!  (I used my photo for my Christmas cards this year-haha!)  It will be especially worth it since the Vegas show is GA and the VIPs are let in first.  Let me tell you, if you're not VIP, there's no way you're even getting close to the stage.  The VIPs filled up the first 4-5 rows at the Gibson Amphitheater.  I felt bad for all the people who were so excited to get Pit tickets, and then when they got in realized they weren't going to be up front.  But I didn't feel too bad being in the front row!!  If you have the money- do it!  I'm contemplating doing it again, it was THAT amazing.

I couldn't agree more.  We had VIP tickets to both nights in Boston and they were awesome.  Talked to the band both nights, got some great pictures, sat 10 feet from the stage, awesome goodies (t-shirts, posters, etc).  I've been to a ton of concerts across the country and this was the most fun I've ever had at a concert!

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