Memories tour will not dissapoint! you gave your love and only in dreams 2x!

Anyone going to the shows has A LOT to look forward too, and if you're not you better buy the tickets for both!

Falling for you on the first night!

Only in Dreams was the most delicious thing ever

Pinkerton Bsides on the second night, WTF?!!! you gave your love to me softly was probably the best performance of it ever and SUZANNE!

Greatest man that ever lived!

ANND only in dreams again on the second night?!!! WTF? i thought i was gonna die

not to mention rivers was back on lead guitar for the albums and he dressed like how he did for each album era. he was full of energy and everyone was on their a game.


i know there is already a post about it sorry, just so excited had to put another one on there

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falling for you BOTH nights
Only in Dreams once each night
so good!
I saw the blue album at Universal, and I'm seeing Pinkerton in San Francisco on tuesday. The Blue album night was awesome, but in my opinion, the greatest hits part was annoying because rivers wasnt playing guitar, and was just running around the stage. Once they played the blue album, and got their original line up back, with rivers on guitar, it was awesome.
Oh man I wanna go!!!!! 
i loved night one but you'll probably love night 2 even better! still lots of running around but the setlist was to die for and he was on the guitar the whole time for the pinkerton album except for falling for you. it was impressive to see pat do lead on it though
hopefully they'll bring it to more countries/cities so more can see it! id do it all over again!
I would be going if scalpers didn't buy all of the NY Tickets for Pinkerton. If only there was a pre-sale for Weezer fans or Weezer board members (instead of American Express Card Holders which has nothing to do with the music). Hopefully, they'll do this again one day...
glad to hear that rivers is back on guitar...been watching some recent live videos on youtube and its kinda weird to see him only on vocals.

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