For the love of all things holy and good in this world is the Memories Tour going to come to Toronto?! Toronto is missing the presence of the Weeze in the worst way possible. Where else will they be headed anyone know?

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I'm in Buffalo and also am praying for Toronto.
I live in Toronto, and I didn't want to take the chance. Going to the chicago show!
add me to the Toronto hopefuls! I am checking a few times each day hoping for Toronto dates
I live in Montana, so hopefully Denver or Minneapolis. Maybe Seattle.
I'm all for Denver. I live four and a half hours away. i will never ask for anything else from weezer, just that they come to denver and play two nights there.

thats in england

it does exist honest
I think they should bring back the "request your city" thing they had going for the last tour I think that'd help all the hoping and pleading....they need to come here -.-
They should go to the Warner Theater in Torrington, CT. It IS Rivers's home state!

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