Memories Tour, Boston Ma, December 14th, 2010. Blue Album show review.

It's the event I've waited for for a few months now. Prime seats, balcony, looking over the band. I had tickets for both Blue Album and Pinkerton shows. I was the happiest 17 year old in the country, of course. The two albums that introduced me to songwriting. It was a dream come true. I found out a couple of weeks after I had the tickets that I had a concert band performance on the night of the Pinkerton show that I couldn't get out of due to the performance being a grade and if I didn't show up, I would fail the class. So I sold my Pinkerton tickets, the show I wanted to see most. Pinkerton is such a huge influence on my life, and my songwriting and music writing styles, more so than Blue Album. Of course, Blue introduced me to the concept of pop-rock, being brought up on Rush and Metallica, it was kind of a new thing. But the thing with Pinkerton is that I was able to connect with the music so well, especially around the age of 15 or 16. My first Weezer song was Hash Pipe, so I've been a fan for a while, and didn't realize the merit of Pinkerton until just a couple of years ago. But onto the review.

I get to the theater, bought myself a Pinkerton shirt, my sister a Blue/Pinkerton shirt, and my Relationship cd to get signed. The seats were prime, looking right over the band. The band's pre-show music was mostly Black Sabbath songs, which was pretty cool. The stage got dark, and the first one out was Brian, quickly followed by the rest of the band. Right now, I'll post the set list, then review each song, then what happened after the show.



(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To

Pork and Beans

Beverly Hills


Island in the Sun

Hash Pipe

Falling for You




My Name is Jonas
No One Else

The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

Buddy Holly

Undone (The Sweater Song)
Surf Wax America

Say It Ain't So

In the Garage


Only in Dreams


Memories: When the band walked on, they started up Memories, before Rivers got onstage. Rivers comes on stage, shouts "2010, Hurley, Memories" and blast into the song. The energy on stage was incredible, Rivers was jumping around the stage like he was having the time of his life. It was different than the album version, with Pat I believe playing a solo between the first and second verse (I think). Really, really cool. Everyone was really getting into it, singing along to the chorus. Great opener to a great show.


(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To: "2009, Raditude, I Want You To!!" was how this song started. Brian went off to the keyboards next to the drumset, and I don't remember exactly what he played. Rivers, once again, was all over the stage, the audience totally getting into the song, singing loud and proud during the chorus. A fun song, once again.


Troublemaker: "2008, Red Album, Troublemaker!" Pat started this off on guitar, Rivers again, having a lot of fun onstage. For me, this was my least favorite part of the show, since it's never been a big favorite of mine. Don't get me wrong, I like the song a lot, but I just think the rest of the show was better. Still, it was a fun song.


Pork and Beans: I don't remember if Rivers introduced this song.. but I really don't think he did. He came out with a ukulele and played the intro with it, along with Brian's acoustic guitar. Right before the chorus, Rivers threw the ukulele and totally got into the song, jumping onto the speaker stacks. Great song, one of my favorite Weezer songs.


Beverly Hills: I couldn't hear what Rivers said for the introduction, he was in the audience at this time, but I'm pretty sure it was "2005, Make Believe, Beverly Hills!". Brian played Rivers solo, which was awesome, but the end solo I couldn't really hear. It was so distorted onstage, you could barely hear Brian. But there was a lot of energy with Rivers and the audience. Fun tune, even though it wasn't one of my favorites.

Keep Fishin': "2002, Maladroit, Keep Fishin'! We'll have Brian sing this one". Brian sang this song, as Rivers climbed the speaker stack and went into one of the balconies and started dancing and singing with the small group of people up there. Brian sounded really good on that song, and the chorus is one of my favorite Weezer choruses.

Photograph: "2001, Green Album, Ha.. Give me and H!" the audience screams "H!" "Give me an A!" Rivers screams. "A!" The audience screams. "Photograph!" It was really funny how he psyched us out, and the song was really fun. Rivers didn't get too crazy though, just singing from his mic stand. Really great tune, lots of fun.


Island in the Sun: Rivers came out with just an acoustic guitar and started playing the song. He had us, the audience, sing "hip hip" which was really cool. The song was played as it is usually played live, with the band coming out right before the "We'll run away.." part. Pat played the solo, which sounded really good, once again. Really tight, great song.

Hash Pipe: The heaviest song of the first part, also the first Weezer song I've ever heard. Great tune, one of my favorites by them. Not much to say, it was explosive and powerful, but there's not much to say about the song. Great tune, loved it, sung every word.


Falling For You: "1996, PINKERTON, FALLING FOR YOU!!!!" Amongst the feedback from the guitars came Brian's intro for Falling For You, and as soon as Rivers mentioned the song, I freaked the hell out. Being my favorite Weezer song, I immediately started jumping around, singing every word, totally getting into it. I absorbed everything about it and totally got into everything that went on. I filmed a part of it on my phone as a matter of fact, which for copyright reasons, I won't post. It ended with Rivers lying on the floor, and I know he said something, but I can't for the life of me remember what he said. Incredible, incredible. And that was the end of the first half of the show.


INTERMISSION: Karl Koch presenting a slide show of the band pre-blue, making of blue, and the tour was really great. There are some great pictures in there, some are quite funny. Brian’s audition tape was hilarious, and the album cover with the band on toilets was hilarious as well. I loved that idea of the slide show, I thought it was really well done.



My Name is Jonas: Rivers on guitar, Pat on drums, where they belong. It wasn’t as explosive energy-wise since Rivers was on guitar, but they still looked like they were having fun.

No One Else: First time I’ve heard this live, and it kicked ass. It’s one of my favorites on Blue, and I recorded some of it on my phone for future listens. Really great performance of it, it was quite excellent.

The World Has Turned and Left Me Here: First time a lot of people heard this one live, and it was incredible. It’s always been my least favorite song on Blue, but definitely still a great tune. They sounded fantastic on it, really tight.

Buddy Holly: I first saw Weezer in June, and when I saw them, Pat played the solo which was kind of a disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, it sounded fantastic when he played it, but I really wanted to see Rivers play the solo. Thankfully, he did. It was a great experience for me. My father loved that solo, claiming it to be his favorite solo by them. It was a moving moment for me, and I kind of wish he were there to see it with me.

Undone: I’ve been to a LOT of concerts, but I’ve never seen so many people sing the chorus of a song during a show before. It seemed like the whole audience were singing with Rivers. It was amazing. And of course, the song itself was very well done. Brian and Scott kind of talked to each other during the “Hey man” parts between verses, though I didn’t understand a word they said (anyone hear what they actually said?). Awesome performance.

Surf Wax America: Holy moly holy s*** goddamn. The floor was moving. Everyone went crazy during this part. I don’t think I saw anyone who didn’t jump around throughout the song. It was incredible.

Say It Ain’t So: Always been one of my favorites. Definitely a great version, and Rivers on the solo was absolutely fantastic. Everyone got so into it, hanging onto every note they played. Awesome.

In the Garage: Another favorite from Blue, just because of the solo. I also have a video of this tune for the sake of listening to it over and over again. It was so good, and one of the highlights of the show.

Holiday: Another song that I like a lot, but never really listened to a lot. It was really good, but not one of my favorites. The middle part was really tight, all harmonies were intact. Definitely a great performance.

Only in Dreams: I can’t even describe this one. I have never seen a more beautiful performance of a song in my life. Rivers’ vocals were so gentle and so full of love. Pat switched to guitar with Rivers on this one, and Brian played acoustic. Josh Freese went and played drums (holy s*** by the way). It didn’t get explosive until the end though. Pat played a guitar solo after the “Only in Dreams” part, then came the beginning of the buildup. Little hits from Rivers and Pat, Josh slowly bringing everything together. The only way I can describe it is like a building orgasm, and when the solo started, you were just finishing. During the solo, Josh went CRAZY on drums, playing some of the coolest s*** I’ve ever heard played. Rivers solo was pure bliss and everything about that whole buildup was astonishing. It was so amazing. I have never loved anything else more in my life. I felt at peace with myself, I was so absorbed in the tune. My camera luckily held out for the entire 8 minutes, and I got an extra minute of the fans freaking out. Great end to the best show I’ve ever seen.


I went to get my Relationship CD signed. I believe I was the only person at that point in line that had actually heard the album before. Brian comes out with a tax collectors uniform on (yes, visor too), opens up a bag he had carried with him and takes out 4 stamps and a pen. I get over to him and I say to him “Hi! How are you?!” He just mumbles “hi good thanks”. I think to myself that he must be aggravated because people probably only bought the album so he could sign it. I tell him “I really dig the album, it’s really good, everything’s really great on it”, which is true, because I had pre-ordered it on iTunes the day it was available and I thought it was a great album. He immediately looks up, shocked, and says “Really? You heard it?!”. I start laughing and tell him, “Yeah, I got it the day it was released”. He looks at me and goes, very happily might I add “Yay! I’ve got a fan!” and gave me a really warm smile. I asked him for a picture and he smiles and goes “Of course!”. We take the picture, and as you can see from my face, I was extremely happy. If you look at Brian’s face, he seems genuinely happy to take that picture with me. You can see it in his eyes. Fantastic ending to a fantastic night.



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You left out Keep Fishin', inbetween Beverly Hills and Photograph. Brian sang it.

he'll sign it.

jKlein said:

If you already own The Relationship, can you get it signed or do you have to buy it at the concert?

It's there. Just read the whole thing, its squeezed in there, but I definitely put it there. It was a highlight of the show, of course I put it there

Jordan said:

You left out Keep Fishin', inbetween Beverly Hills and Photograph. Brian sang it.

sorry bout that. you missed it on the set list, but i didn't notice it under your whole description.

pinkertonjunkie said:

It's there. Just read the whole thing, its squeezed in there, but I definitely put it there. It was a highlight of the show, of course I put it there

Jordan said:

You left out Keep Fishin', inbetween Beverly Hills and Photograph. Brian sang it.

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