Besides the first two songs I'm not really that thrilled witrh Death to false metal.  I think they have way better unreleased tracks from 1999-2003.  Such as: ss2k, up through to Maladroit.  There were a ton of songs from this period around 50 if I remeber, that blow away most tracks on dtfm.  Songs like Mad Kow,Prodigy lover,The organ player,litttle songs, excetra to name but a few. So this leads me to believe some of these songs could see the light with maybe a green and maladroit deluxe in the future? Also the lyrics on some of the songs on dtfm are just horrible.  They sound as if they were rushed.

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doopiatesnegateproperpunctuation? /sarcasm

if there's a Green Deluxe, it better have a properly enthusiastic take of Superstar on it.

If not, or if it ends up with that shiatty studio take about smoking a doobee , I boycott green deluxe.
I seriously doubt any form of Green/Maladroit/Make Believe etc. Deluxe will ever happen. None of these albums had any outstanding effect on musicians or the music in general. If anything, there will be more albums like Death to False Metal/Alone being released.

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