is matt sharp involved with the making of pinkerton deluxe or is he going to join with them in the b********* tour bye any chance?

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Matt Sharp is the missing ingredient for the next perfect Weezer album.
You're probably right... it'd be better to compare newer Weezer to "7 more minutes", which makes my point less clear

j-biebs said:
it doesn't seem terribly logical to combine current weezer with 1995 matt sharp as an example of how they might sound today.

Teddy said:
In your head, combine the return of the rentals/ that's incredible! with weezer 2k__... sounds perfect, right? Sharp must've been more than merely a "stooge."

BackToSchool said:
Matt Sharp is no "missing link". He didn't write the songs, he didn't co-write the songs, he didn't write his own vocal parts, the synth-lines, his bass-lines, any of it. He was a stooge who contributed nothing more than his onstage energy. His presence is unnecessary and would not improve anything. The buck stops with Rivers.

But I suspect he's not all that into their new material, either.

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