I read somewhere that Sharp sold a lot of his 90s Weezer and The Rentals era stuff on eBay.
Is this true? I can't seem to find where I read it and there's nothing about it that I can find on eBay or the interwebs anywhere...

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There was this post on The Rentals' Twitter (@therentals) on October 11, 2010: "FUTURE MUSIC IS SELLING MATT SHARP'S ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT FROM WEEZER AND THE RENTALS: bit.ly/cIbFVR"

That doesn't really make it clear if they already owned it or if he was selling it through them or something.
i hope not that would be terrible!!
check that out if you look at some of the recently sold item you can find them, nothing for sale now
it only looks like it was a guitar and a amp
I guess it was Wikipedia where I read it, thanks John!
That is rather depressing, sort of end-of-era-ish :(

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