A quick background: I'm an old time fan (since I first heard Undone on the radio when I was 11 or 12) through now. On another band's forum, I started doing track by track reviews of albums (Velvet Underground for example) with the intention of doing the entire discography. Ratings go from 1-10, with 1 being the theoretical worst song possible and 10 being the theoretical best song possible. Please note that I have only given a handful of tracks a 10 rating in my life and there will eventually be a Weezer song that earns a 1 rating.

I'm all the way through Raditude so I figured I'd start posting them here to get a bit more harsh criticisms from more serious fans of the band. My goal was to assess each song on its merits, minimizing the amount of nostalgia that could bump up a rating.

Here's Blue:

1. My Name Is Jonas – 8. My name is Wepeel, got a box full of your toys. Fresh out of batteries, but they’re still making noise.
2. No One Else – 5. One of the weaker songs on the album. The chorus isn’t particularly special and the double track vocals definitely are deleterious. Still,
it has its charms such as the clever vocals on the second verse and
general exuberance. This one smoked live back in 95/96, but on record it leaves a bit
to be desired.
3. The World Has Turned and Left Me Here – 5. Another one that never did a lot for me. The lyrics are typical of the
more serious moments of the album which are simplistic yet heartfelt
which really sells it. Unfortunately, the melody isn’t all that strong
and there isn’t much of a shift in dynamics throughout the four
minutes. Not a bad song by any means.
4. Buddy Holly – 8. Buoyant pop rock synthesizers, falsetto vocals, pseudo-rap phrasing, clever lyrics, and hooks galore.
5. Undone – 8. Another generational classic. Key change guitar solo, falsetto 1-8 harmony, off kilter vocals. Unique yet oddly familiar.
6. Surf Wax America – 8. The band liked closing with this one because it's fast and everyone goes crazy. The break
down in the middle makes classic Weezer classic Weezer. Fun as hell.
7. Say It Ain’t So – 9. Everyone between the ages of 16 and 30 (if not a greater span) knows
this song. Angsty, depressing, and great. The vocal arrangement may be
less interesting than some of the other songs but I’ll be damned if the
1-8 falsetto harmony doesn’t make the first verse.
8. In the Garage –6. This is also one of the less memorable songs on its own but it is absolutely essential to the album. Written following the confidence boost Rivers got following landing the record deal. I like how the last chorus adds Brian's vocal and continues longer than the earlier choruses.
9. Holiday – 7. Another gem. The first half of the song is really just a set up for the
awesomeness and joy of the second half that follows another great
breakdown (hence it not being a solid 8). Excellent vocal arrangement
10. Only In Dreams – 8. Eight minute epic closer. The chorus melody is nothing special, but
everything else is. This is simply about a guy that has a crush on a
girl and asks her to dance with him and she accepts. As cheesy as it
sounds, Rivers and co. completely sell it. “You say ‘It’s a good thing
that you float in the air (in the air). That way there’s no way I (I)
will (will) crush your pretty toenails into a thousand pieces.’” When
people say they miss Rivers writing good lyrics, they aren’t talking
about some kind of great poetry but simple lines like those that are
unobvious but completely evocative (and those awkward backing vocals
seal the deal). Of course I haven’t even mentioned the glorious
breakdown and build up and guitar orgy at the end.

Mykel and Carli – 8. Named after the original fan club presidents who died not too long
after this song was written in a car crash. Unfortunately, this makes
the lyrics “I had these two best friends, til the school bus came and
took my friends away” almost prescient. The song would have been a
welcome addition to the Blue Album proper. It tells a fictionalized
tale of Rivers and his friends Mykel and Carli. They gave him a hat and
the teacher took it away. The guitar solo is short but ever so sweet.
Great essential song.
Jamie – 7. There are two b-side versions. The first is an electric version that
was done for a student project before the blue album sessions hence the
sound not being quite as good as the blue album and the second is an
acoustic version. Both versions are equally great. A love song to their
lawyer with some typical off kilter lyrics for the period that the band
completely sells.
My Evaline – 6. Interesting four part harmony vocal exercise that’s less than a minute long.
Susanne – 7. Classic 6/8 Weezer in every sense. Harmonies, solos, metal band references all in a seemingly sincere ode to a lady.

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Your reviews are actually well-thought out and sometimes I agree, but your scores are far too harsh, even ruling out nostalgia (I'm a relatively new fan, no nostalgia, and I know for certain that no track on the blue album deserves lower than an 8, let alone a 5).

Out of curiosity, what are some of your 10/10 songs?

I think the ratings aren't as harsh as they seem. Generally, I'm trying to go by this system:

1 - As theoretically awful as you can get. Ineptly written, produced, and/or recorded.

2 -Very Bad

3 - Bad

4 - Kinda Bad

5 - Neutral. As minor positive characteristics as negative

6 - Pretty good

7 - Solidly good. Enjoyable though lots of room for improvement.

8 - Very good

9 - Excellent. Top notch and about as good as you can get.

10 - Perfect. Song is constructed perfectly for maximum impact and succeeds on every level. No room for improvement.


Songs I'd rate 10 -

Velvet Underground's "Heroin" because of it's great melody, great arrangement and instrumentation/performance, tense/relaxed structure that gradually gets more and more frenetic until it finally resolves.

Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean". Three superb melodies in the verse, prechorus, chorus. The lyrics, melody, and arrangement compliment each other perfectly to create such great tension.

Outkast's "Bombs Over Baghdad". Dense when it needs to be, sparse when it needs to be. The only reprieve is the intro before pure freneticism for four or so minutes. Listen to the second verse how it's just Big Boi rapping over the drum loop. Halfway through, an arpeggiating synth line enters and the drum loop sputters in line with his lyrics. A guitar enters and it charges into the chorus. Superbly thought out songwriting and arranging is really what gets me on this one. The song is like a journey too with that great coda.


Memories Tour 4 Australia said:


Your reviews are actually well-thought out and sometimes I agree, but your scores are far too harsh, even ruling out nostalgia (I'm a relatively new fan, no nostalgia, and I know for certain that no track on the blue album deserves lower than an 8, let alone a 5).

Out of curiosity, what are some of your 10/10 songs?

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