Who was(or is) the greatest martial artist in film? 

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mynameisjonus said:
I find Tony Jaa amazing to watch - good to see Muay Boran used in such a physical and gymnastic way.

However, Bruce Lee is a legend for a reason. His understanding of a variety of martial arts, combined with his immense speed, raw power and awesome Do form approach coupled with a Jutsu form effectiveness leaves him second to none imo.

Watching Lee in action makes me realise that, as eye pleasing as more modern day artists are, nothing compares to things like this:

freaking awesome as!
If you want to get technical Jackie Chan is the greatest MARTIAL ARTIST in film. Not to downplay Lee who IS a legend and a great martial artist, philosopher and body builder. But when looking at the facts Jackie Chan is a better performer (in terms of action choreography) and agility. Jackie Chan was Bruce Lee's stunt double at points in his career, and he also practiced Shaolin martial arts at the Peking opera school for about 20 years. When you look at Bruce Lee's training, his only formal martial arts training was learning Wing Chun from Yip Man for 5-6 years. He never even mastered the style, there are even forms that Yip Man never taught him. The rest of his training was learning a few things from different people he met in the USA (Gene Lebell, Chuck Norris etc.) As a fighter Bruce Lee was amazing, and historically speaking he is more important than Jackie Chan, but Jackie Chan is technically a better and more experienced martial artist.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6o9p8yXjr0 i think hes like 36 years old here. no wires or anything. real fire, real burns.
Bruce Lee
I love Jackie Chan and Jet Li. But when I am watching a Bruce Lee movie, I can't take my eyes off him. He is mesmerizing.
I have to stick with the legend, Bruce Lee. Donnie Yen is pretty good, and I would like to see what else he has to offer. it has always been kind of a p***** that Carradine got the Kung Fu role and Bruce Lee didn't.....because he was too Chinese. What a crock.
Bruce Lee > Donnie Yen > Jackie Chan > everyone else

blakesp26 said:
Bruce Lee > Donnie Yen > Jackie Chan > everyone else

Jackie Chan > all of them in martial arts, he knows more than any of them. Except Sammo, he's just as good as Chan.

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